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Young Neji // Young Hinata
 Oh, it's been so long since I've been here! Let's try pimping this up with an updated FAQ.

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13th-Feb-2010 09:54 pm - FAQ's and More.
Ashe // Balthier
Another YouTube FAQ brought to you by mwah ;D And just in case people get too curious, I'll add in other random questions that people that will be most prolly asked once again in the future.


Q: Which episode is ____?
A: It's episode ___. [well, unless I forget them....I will answer.]

Q: What programs do you use in making videos?
A: I use Sony Vegas Pro 9 with plugins.

Q: What plugins are you using / do you have in your Vegas?
A: I use / have SpiceMASTER, NewBlue FX, MagicBullet, WAX, PluginPac, and currently downloading Vitascene. [and no, they don't lag my Vegas at all.]

Q: Where do you get your episodes?
A: I get Part I episodes from NarutoRaws. I get Shippuuden Episodes from NarutoRaws or NyaaTorrents. For movies; I get them at NarutoRaws, NyaaTorrents or mininova. Maybe even from blog pages. For other animes, I download them from NyaaTorrents only.

Q: Can you teach me how to make this effect?
A: Sure! When I have the time, I'll get to you. Don't be too independent though, and if you try it out and you're not satisfied, don't blame me, blame yourself for being too independent on me, I tried my best teaching you, learn to explore by myself, that's how I got through and earned my place in the Naruto AMV-making community.

Q: I subbed to you. Will you please subscribe to me too?

A: I'm sorry, even if we do talk a lot, but don't find your videos interesting, I won't. I only subscribe if I like your videos.

Q: Will you please watch my video?
A: Only if I find it interesting. And if I have the time. Don't spam me with them though, if they're non-Naruto, or anything that you think I won't be interested to watch, you're only wasting your time sending videos that people won't even view. If I'm already fed up with you sending, I'll have to remove you as my friend and block you. It's sickening to think that you only friended me and other random people just to get views. I don't care if it's well-made, if I don't understand much, I won't get the gist of the video.

Q: Can you make me a background?
A: If you're a close friend.

Q: How DO you make a background?
A: There're infinite ways to make bgs, go explore by yourself, thank you. I make my bgs on Photoshop CS3 or PhotoFiltre.

Q: Do you have episodes / clips for ______? Can you please send?

A: Only if you're a close friend. ^ ^ But if so, don't go friendly on me just to get what you want then ignore me later. I dislike being used as a toy to get sources. p:

Q: How do you do your masking / motion masking?

A: I place the anchors just before the outline feathers, after tracing out the character; Feather Type is Out and Feather Percent is 0.4. At other times when the outline is thin; Feather Type is Both and Feather Percent is 0.8.

Q: Can you make me a video / request a video?
A: Depends. ;D

Q: How did you do those flowers / arrows / _______ effects?

A: I downloaded Video Copilot's Evolution pack, Video Streams, and got the Paint Splatters from a friend. I use other effects from Particle Illusion, I always customize the presets before saving the output.


And now, for non-general questions!

Q: I don't get it, NejiHina is disgusting, why do you support it? FTL!!1!
A: Read. http://rikkaiawesome.livejournal.com/12576.html

Q: What other pairings do you support / ship / like?
A: Go to my formspring. Somebody asked the same and I listed too much. And I didn't include yaoi / shounen-ai, yuri / shoujo-ai.

Q: Impossible! How could you like SasuKarin and SasuSaku / SasuSaku and NaruSaku / ShikaTema and ShikaIno at the same time?!

A: Because I'm open-minded, unlike you.

Q: If you're open-minded then, why do you hate NaruHina / KibaHina?

A: Because I see it / them as (an) empty pairing/s. The development isn't enough in my eyes for them to recognize each other. Naruto is more bent on saving Sasuke and winning Sakura's love, while Kiba has Akamaru. Neji has his duty to fullfill, the duty he openly accepted right to his father, to PROTECT Hinata and the Hyuuga purity with his life.

Q: But what about NejiHina? There isn't development either!

A: Excuse me for sounding biased, but I do see development in them, I find it strange for Neji to accept Hinata so quickly, and Hinata forgiving Neji so easily. They both crave for acceptance, recognition and acknowledgement and I think it's fair they see that in each other.

Hinata and Neji were strangers to each other at first so you have no right to say "but they live in the same house! they know each other!", because they haven't at first. They were separated by the walls of the Hyuuga, but they KNOW each others' feelings enough for both of them to cringe as the latters expressed what they felt during the Chuunin Exams. They both felt the same pain of losing the fathers they loved [Hiashi abandoning Hinata because she wasn't "worthy", Hizashi abandoning Neji because of his duty to die for his brother].

Hinata and Naruto's pain of lack of recognition is not equally developed, Naruto is now acknowledged while Hinata still isn't. Naruto doesn't know enough of Hinata's pain of strength and duty and lack of recognition to even acknowledge and understand her feelings; Neji was stronger but he was of lower rank so he was underestimated. They were both underestimated and abandoned by their fathers, Hinata worked hard to be stronger to gain her father's love and respect, Neji trained and learnt the Main Branch-exclusive jutsus to show that he is not to be underestimated just because of his rank, and to fullfill his father's wish for him by himself. They're both hard workers, the only human beings in Hyuuga, to have felt more emotions than the others, and with that inner power they wield they can lead the Hyuuga together.

Now that I mentioned joint leadership, as for a Hyuuga heir...

Q: Why did you shift from NejiTen to NejiHina?

A: Blame Marshie for her videos and tomato-box for her fanarts. :D NejiHina seemed more...unique and interesting, it had so many open interpretations that I had to know more. I still loved NejiTen when I started to like NejiHina more, but fanwank caused me to dislike it, but then my hate eventually withered away because I couldn't hate NejiTen; it got me into the fandom in the first place!

Q: Who are your favorite AMV-Makers?

A: My videos are greatly inspired by warmhearted19, MentalProdigy, and kheartsterra's texture usage, and the masking from BKDevil99O.

Q: Do you agree to Pairing Orgies?
A: Yes.

Q: Is "Tonni" a boy? Is he gay?
A: NO! SHE is my wifey, I love her to bits, she's everything a woman is, she even craves for chocolate on her period [shot/] She's quite the lovely person I assure you. Go sub to her, she deserves it ;3

Q: How come some huge amv-makers are subscribed to you? Don't you have to have more subscribers now?
A: No clue. p: I don't find my videos appealing to the "media". I don't really care about subscribers, haha. But I'm always surprised that people even subscribe to me.

Q: Why are you so slow at making videos lol?
A: Because I procrastinate. "Orz


...yeah that'd be most prolly it :D
9th-Dec-2009 07:26 pm - 8O
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11th-Nov-2009 06:27 pm - Meme.
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Stolen from doctor_meowzie .
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I love you Tonni :'DD
8th-Nov-2009 01:06 pm - MOAR INFORMATION
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...because I can. :3

And it'll make my YouTube profile cleeeaaannneeer. =x=

7th-Nov-2009 06:18 pm - Cleaning
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Cleaned out my LJ. Haha, looks pretty decent now ;3

Although for some reason the icon doesn't fit well with the journal.

Will be pimping up the background. :'D
1st-Nov-2009 01:20 am - AMV information
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13th-Oct-2009 11:59 pm - HOW IN THE asdfghjl;'"*^%@#$R
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I r desperate nao.

16th-Jul-2009 10:38 pm - Why Hiro luffles NejiHina
Lie Down
NejiHina; I just love it. The first time I thought of this, I never really thought of it as "incest", which made me shocked to see that they're hated because "they're cousins", and maybe that's why I stick with NejiHina, I have to defend them, I have to know a lot of aspects, a lot of tiny details about them, and of course, I can actually learn from researching about the Hyuuga genetics. XD And the more I know about them, the more love they get from me. It's so interesting to see them in unlikely situations, or to see them in a common situation without getting out of character, or rather, still be...truly them while breaking the rules.

And I just love difficult romance; wherein the pair goes through a lot of hardships and obstacles just for them to be together, for the two of them to shamelessly hold their hands while walking down the streets; not paying attention to nosy onlookers, to happily feed each other during dinner, to flop on to bed, tired of the long day, and be happy with each others' silent but serene and comfortable presence. Neji could be Hinata's silent strength, he would let her relax, and let her value more on the things she learned by the heart, and not by skill. He would let her take time to appreciate the more lighter things in life, in a way. And Hinata will bring the emotions and the human out of Neji, she's the only one (in my opinion) to move him, to bring him out of his cool exterior, to hit a certain part of him that no other girl could ever hit him.

And the fact that Hinata was the only girl to kick Neji out of his cool exterior, to KNOW and UNDERSTAND his pain, because she shares almost the same pain as him. and for Neji to be the only one who pays attention to Hinata's feelings, after all those years of "hatred" he had against her, now thrown away, and in such short notice, he opens up to her, he's more polite to her, all those years of hate suddenly gone. And one thing that made me tick off with happiness; that Neji CLEARLY remembers their first meeting even though he's cold, harsh, rash, and all that. But Hinata, seems that she doesn't exactly remember it, or, she just doesn't value it.

He remembered taking a good look of her, and called her CUTE to his father, and he remembered the little promise he made to protect Hinata and the Hyuuga clan. Funny how he's the cold one, but he remembers such fragment of his past, whereas Hinata is gentle and sweet, but it seems she doesn't know or value this.

I just saw his reminiscence as a sign of what he SHOULD HAVE treated her if it were not for Hiashi activating Hizashi's cursed seal. He just showed that he'd treat Hinata differently if only the situation hasn't gotten worse. He would've FALLEN for her in my opinion, but because of Hiashi's activating of Hizashi's seal, and the pang in his heart in seeing his father in deep pain, Neji started to change, he valued Hizashi much more, yes. So his views changed. 'twas a waste, but I was happy he didn't let go of his first meeting with Hinata.

And Chapter 441, where the first thing Neji did, was to KNEEL DOWN SO CLOSE TO HER, reach out an arm to her, seeing her battered body lying on the ground, for him to urgently look for a medic nin, fearing for the worse, it hit me that he values her MORE than just someone he should protect, but someone he WOULD be willing to protect. Ahhhh, can't you just feel it? The chemistry? EVERYTHING?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to make a NejiHina video ♥
17th-Jun-2009 08:52 pm - Pairing Survey desu.
Lie Down
...lol wut.

Favorite yaoi pairingShikaNeji
Favorite yuri pairingTenHina
Favorite het pairingNEJIHINA! ♥♥♥♥♥
Overarching shiny M3ant2b3 OMGOTPStill NejiHina. xD
Favorite threesomeo3o...I'd have tosay...NejiHinaLee. xDDD
Favorite teacher/student pairingGaaMatsu (so sue me.)
Favorite guilty pleasureSasuKarin
Crack of choiceShinoTen
Because it's prettyShikaIno and KakaShizu
w-w-WHY, cruel world?NaruHina
Favorite canon(-ish, loose definition, etc, this is Naruto we're talking about)AsuKure! <3
It all makes sense. After I've had a few beers, anyway.KibaHina
Dysfunctionality, baby. It's what makes the world go 'round.SasuSasu...lol.
Because I canTeam Gai x Hinata
My first Naruto 'ship EVARNaruHina and NejiTen, admittedly.
Where has all the shiny gone/why don't I feel the love anymore?ShikaTema and NejiTen
Me/this 'ship = one night standNejiTen. xDDDD
obscure character 'shipWait wut.
favorite Naruto x powerful boy who's ass he kicked(/is going to kick three years from now) pairingNone. I hate Uzumaki Naruto. 
Twosome permutation of Team 7TO END THIS, SAISAKU FTW.

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